Online Food Shopping Vs Offline Food Shopping

Online Food Shopping – it used to be a dream – now it’s very much the gold standard for many of us. 먹튀검증

If the benefits of online food shopping haven’t hit us all yet, they might soon! Why take 2 kids to the supermarket when you can have it all delivered to your door by a friendly driver who promises to get there in a 2hour time period. Not only do they deliver, they pack the food with so much care and precision that all the chilled products are packed together (ready for the fridge) as well as every other category (like all the fruit and veg).

For those of us who work full time, online grocery shopping is a godsend. Let’s face it – who can really be bothered leaving the house (especially when it gets dark as winter closes in!) to trawl round the supermarket choosing the same products as last week.

Final big thumbs up with grocery shopping online is the way in which you can do your shopping faster every time you do it. My personal best is 20minutes – rattling through my favourites (all the items I bought last time), and having a quick check of the special offers board to see if there is anything worth purchasing.

But what about off line food shopping. Those big pearly gates of the supermarkets will be open for a good few years to come because customers don’t plan ahead. What happens when you run out of bread or milk or another of life’s essential items? In steps the supermarket to solve our problems.

Or how about the fact that you can choose your own fruit and vegetables rather than delegating responsibility to an over zealous teenager? I’ve experienced the odd ‘bad apple’ to which I do blame the staff!

Overall though, although we are all compelled to shopping off line for essentials and personal choice, it’s the advent of new technologies that will help us on our way to giving up on off line. Click & Collect is one such innovation which allows users to buy online and collect instore (where it’s all packed, ready and waiting). Apps technology will also help speed up the process.

The main conclusion is that the majority of shopping is a process. 9/10 products we put in our basket are the same ones we put in last week. We should all really be embracing new technologies to help us order online food shopping to help us all save time.