A Sport for the Ages! (Playing Competitive Volleyball at 60, 70 and Beyond!)

For prepared competitors, disregarding age and a persistent clock, the basic is to finish what has been started. There needn’t be a lapse date stepped on the mind, either purposeful or by open certification. Put another way, in the event that one appreciates a solid psyche and body, if joints actually flex without hardly lifting a finger and solace, it’s conceivable to play until Medicare kicks in, and for some, well past that admired age. For its numerous enthusiasts, it genuinely is a game for the ages! The round of the high net, an amazingly fine, enthusiastic and serious game, when played well, when carried on reasonably. The unenlightened need just watch school volleyball or expert sea shore or Olympic volleyball.


To show andประวัตินักกีฬา to refer to a commendable for example, Steve and Gigi have played for a long time, since 1974 to be precise. The extraordinary game keeps on devouring their dispensable relaxation time. For them, it’s a sort of fixation, and one that has proceeded with unabated for over 40 years. Presently at age 72, Steve, and 68, Gigi, they’re still in its grasp.


Fixation is an adept portrayal. As it were, everything started at the chime, a phone ringer, and like a current between boundaries, it appears consistently to race among premonition and cheerful expectation. Prodded by that initial ringer, they before long became prizefighters terminated with energy, roped in, at first by the thought, yet over the long haul, devoured by the game itself, fixated.


The ringing phone was noisy and resolute. Steve would not move. Glaring with inconvenience in her eyes, Gigi put down a book and strolled rapidly, nearly hurried to repress the repulsive thing.


“Will I simply get it?” she asked with luxurious mockery. “Truly, hullo!” 


Steve gave no consideration from the outset, aggravated by the instrument’s determination, its capacity to interfere.


“Gracious, greetings John. What? Better believe it, we’re both fine, simply hanging out. How’s Joan? That is acceptable.”


Steve’s consideration moved gradually, as did his look, to a discussion that was uneven and enigmatic. Her eyes enlarged. She turned. She paced.


“You figure we ought to do what?” Gigi asked into the instrument, an inquiry enclosed by suspicion, yet with a rising degree of energy. Eagerness appeared to support the current going through the wire